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This page allows the user to search the St John's parish registers for information related to ancestry. For privacy reasons, only the parts of the Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage registers older than 1920 have been included.

If you have a query relating to a more recent entry in our Registers, please forward your enquiry by email by clicking this link: St John's Parish Office and we will answer your query as soon as we can. Please note that the office is not attended on a full-time basis and this response may take several days.

Please complete as much as you can of the form below. You can use partial spelling of names but this will return more results which you will then have to search through visually. If the person was born the in Upper Hutt area, we suggest you search the Baptism Register first. This will give you a starting point to search the other Registers.

For detailed instructions on how to use the Cemetery Plan Register, click here to go to the Cemetery page.

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Baptism Register (to 1920)     Burial Register (All)     Confirmation Register (to 1920)     Marriage Register (to 1920)
Cemetery Plan Register (to 2013)    

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We do have some occasional issues with this process. If you get no response when you click "Submit" after about 30 seconds, email the webmaster with your query and I'll deal with it as soon as I can.

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