St John’s Church Trentham – timeline as at 9/4/2012

1853-4: Whirinaki Village built; Ngati Tama chapel nearby. Chapel used occasionally by travelling clergy as well as locals.

1859 (first Wellington diocesan Synod): Chapel offered by Te Harawira to diocese. Not able to be accepted (no land title).

October 1861: Mr John Herring takes settler service in store in Fortune Lane.

March 1862: Revd J E Herring appointed as vicar of Upper Hutt district plus care of natives.

1863: land in McHardy’s clearing (on main road) sold by absentee owner Mr Palmer to diocese for ?21. G Hart donates land at Maoribank to diocese. November – Revd Amos Knell appointed vicar of parochial district of Upper Hutt & Pauatahanui. December – St John’s Church opened by Bishop Abraham

1865: August: Revd Thomas Abraham appointed vicar. 17 December: St John’s Church consecrated.

May 1868: Revd Dan Debois appointed vicar.

January 1871: Revd C H S Nicholls appointed vicar.

1876 – railway line to Upper Hutt opened, some distance from main road. Commercial heart of town begins to move north.

1876: first record of St John’s Sunday School in Synod reports.

1882: Revd J E Blackburne appointed vicar.

1884: St John’s church extended; chancel and sanctuary added.

October 1887: Revd J M Devenish appointed vicar.

1894: Revd P L Cameron appointed vicar. First vicarage built on church acre.

1895: regular church services in Criterion Hall, Upper Hutt. Services also held in Wallaceville, Mungaroa, Kaitoke, Akatarawa.

1897: Mr Philip Davis donates section on main road in Upper Hutt township.

March 1898: Revd P T Fortune appointed last vicar of Upper Hutt & Pauatahanui.

1900: parishioners’ meeting in Pauatahanui decides to form independent district.

January 1903: Revd C J Smith appointed Vicar of Upper Hutt.

January 1909: Revd T H Sykes appointed vicar.

April 1910: foundation stone of St Hilda’s Upper Hutt laid by Bishop Wallis. August 31: first service in St Hilda’s.

1914: vestry added to St John’s church. November: St Hilda’s consecrated.

1914 – Trentham camp established as chief military training centre for World War 1 bringing rapid population growth to district.

August 1915: Revd A D Stratford appointed vicar.

1918 – Spanish influenza outbreak particularly severe in military camp – 5 burials in two weeks in St John’s alone.

1919: Scout troop started at Trentham camp by parishioner Mr Dry, supported by parish. August: Revd N S Barnett appointed vicar.

1920:Mr Barnett appointed chaplain to military camp. March: church site purchased at Silverstream from Mr Gard.

October 1924: Revd G V Kendrick appointed vicar.

April 1925: memorial lychgate on Trentham main road dedicated.

1927: military hut at Featherston camp bought and transported to Upper Hutt. Half went to St Hilda’s replacing the Sunday School room and the other half used likewise at St John’s. St Hilda’s hall removed to a section in Akatarawa and dedicated as St Nicholas.

1924: Trentham School opens with first classes held in St John’s Hall.

March 1931: St Mary’s Church Room in Silverstream opened.

1938: Church of England Men’s Society formed in parish.

1939: World War II begins period instability in clergy leadership, many changes to priest-in-charge.

1941: Synod places control of churchyards in hands of vicar and churchwardens.

1944: Silverstream hospital opens for returned wounded servicemen; clergy are ‘even busier’.

1946: Synod votes to raise Upper Hutt from parochial district to parish status; need for church army officer or curate ‘very urgent’.

1947: St Hilda’s hall used for Upper Hutt school overflow. Rev Smallfield arrives.

1949: First curate (Mr Spence) appointed but stays only three months.

1951: Synod creates Parish of Trentham south of Golders Rd and Ward Street, with 400 C of E families and Parochial District of Upper Hutt (420 families) centred on St Hilda’s. Maoribank land sold.

1953: land bought in Pinehaven.

1952: Mr Cottle offers land in the subdivided Cottle block for church purposes.

1955: Cottle land offer replaced by funding to alter and extend St John’s. Side wall extensions and vestry rooms alongside porch completed 1956.

1956: Vicarage needs replacing. Parish decides to adopt Wells fundraising programme.

1957: Wells canvass under way; Young Wives group formed.

1958: New vicarage completed.

1960: St Mary’s extensions dedicated by Bishop Rich.

1961: St John’s scout and guide troops formed. Centenary celebrations. Centennial appeal for new parish hall launched.

1963: new parish hall completed.

November 1964: Rev later Archdeacon Tom Pearson arrives. Stained glass windows progressively installed in St John’s.

1969: Parochial District of St Mary’s formed with northern boundary at Barton Road. Maadi Road & Palmer Cres

1971: Voting on Plan for Union with Presbyterian, Methodist, Churches of Christ and Congregational church. Parish narrowly (51.7%) in favour but Plan does not proceed.

1972: reed organ replaced by pipe organ in St John’s.

1976: Friends of St John’s formed.

1977-78: [tbc] Scout Hall added to east end of parish hall. Lay reader Doug Jones ordained as deacon, appointed honorary assistant curate.

April 1978: Rev Tony Gardiner arrives.

Joint Christian education programme Fergusson Intermediate.

February 1982: Rev Peter Stuart arrives

1983: Admission to communion before confirmation introduced.

1986: 125th anniversary celebrations. St John’s foyer added. Upper Valley Church Army mission held. Sister Ruth Dewdney of the Church Army employed for three years in children and families ministry.

1992: Catechumenal process (a form of Christian initiation) introduced, Trentham as a pilot parish.

1995: Revds Andrew and Christine Allan-Johns arrive. Moonshine Road vicarage sold [date] and new one purchased in Raukawa Grove.

Late 1990s: Ezee meals service from Wellington City Mission introduced.

1999: Kelvin Strong ordained priest and licensed as priest assistant to parish.

2000 Church-based Trentham Youth Worker Trust formed, employs Tuari Reweti to work with local young people.

[date] Hutt Valley teen parent programme operates from parish hall.

October 2003: present vicar Rev David Pask arrives.

December 2003: Raukawa Grove vicarage sold.

2005: St John’s scout troop merges with Cannon Point to form Heretaunga Group. Scout Hall passes to parish, becomes the Molly Newman Room and converted to children’s ministry space.

2006: Anne Miller appointed priest assistant to parish.

[date] Kid’s Stuff begins meeting in Molly Newman room [old scout hall].

2009: Twinkletoes (music programme for preschoolers) begins in community centre (parish hall).

2010?: Monthly community lunches begin in community centre.

2011: David Smart ordained, licensed to Trentham as ‘pioneer ministry’.

Nov 2014: Rev David Pask goes on sick leave; Rev Alister Hendery appointed Interim Priest-in-Charge.

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