The St John's Cemetery - Overall Plan

Our cemetery is divided into areas, each containing a series of numbered plots.

To find a specific plot: (Please note that, due to illness, construction of some of the sub-pages is not complete, and the page layout does not always reflect the ground layout.)

Go to the Registers page, and use the Cemetery Plan Register or the Burial Register (or email from the parish office) to find the plot reference, and then click on an area from the diagram at left to get a larger view of the plots within it.

Single or double full-sized plots are in Areas A-F. Ashes are interred in Areas AA-FF and Area MR.

Plot References:

A plot reference will be of the form Lnnn, where L is a letter code and nnn is a number. The letter code refers to the diagram at left. Click on that area and you will be shown a grid with the layout of the plots in that area. The number (nnn) will be the plot you want. You can run your mouse over the number to confirm the name.

Area A Area A Area A Area AA Area B Area BB Area C Area C Area CC Area D Area DD Area DD Area E Area EE Area EE Area F Area FF Area MR

Overall cemetery plan

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